Erie Insurance Tops The 2014 JD Power US Insurance Shopping Study

J.D. Power has released its U.S. Insurance Shopping Study for 2014….and THE WINNER IS…..ERIE INSURANCE!

This is Erie Insurance’s 2nd Consecutive such honor from J.D. Power, and 5th award overall during the eight year history of the award (2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2013 | 2014).  The annual award evaluates the experience of customers when buying a NEW CAR INSURANCE POLICY.

The study examines the purchasing behaviors and overall satisfaction of people who shop for car insurance.  The three factors that are measured are:


  1. Price
  2. Distribution Channel
  3. Policy Offerings

Upon learning of the award, Erie’s CEO (Terry Cavanaugh) stated “To sit atop the J.D. Power’s Insurance Shopping Study two years in a row makes clear the importance of an insurance agent in the shopping experience.  In a world dominated by online transactions, nothing trumps the impact of real people helping real people with real problems.”

The study shows, that while Price is a big cause for the consumer to shop for new auto insurance, the main reason is a poor experience with their insurance.  While rate increases aren’t as big a factor as poor service, customers who see rate hikes of more than $200 triple the rate of customers who shop for and switch insurers.

In an age where North Carolina Auto Insurance consumers are bombarded on a daily basis with memorable Auto Insurance Commercials, many consumers are finding that having an actual person to discuss coverage and offerings with is increasingly important.  Of course, studies confirm that most people start the insurance shopping process online (over 80{66506b27ca8f5234034d808fc0aabc14bc16ceb45d71027974b073b60f711cfe}), that same auto insurance shopper will purchase their insurance through an actual agent.  Insurance can be confusing… consumers want, and need, a professional to walk them through the process and make sure they are protected properly.

This study from J.D. Powers confirms this.  In fact, the highest ranked online insurance provider didn’t show up until 9th on the list!

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