The Holidays are a time of enjoyment, hope, goodwill, etc, etc, etc…However, the Holidays are also filled with parties and get togethers that include the best indulgences a person can have.  You have punch and spirits.  You have ham by the ton.  You have wonderful snack spreads of dips and chips.  All of these “goodies” tend to have an adverse affect on our weight.

ALLCHOICE would like to help!  We have a workout that is quick, can be done anywhere, and is sure to keep you in top shape during this special time.

The key to this workout is that it is a “rest based workout”…meaning, you are supposed to go as hard as you can until you HAVE to stop to take a break.  Meaning, there is NO PACING Yourself.!  The following is required to do this workout:

  1. YOU
  2. 20 to 30 minutes
  3. A towel (you will need this to dry yourself off)

The workout combines 4 different exercises:

In order to participate in the ALLCHOICE Insurance Crazy Cardio Workout, you need to complete as many cycles of the 4 exercise routine as you can in 20 minutes (30 minutes if you really want to prove something).  The ALLCHOICE Insurance Crazy Cardio Workout is performed in this manner:

  1. 10 Burpees
  2. 20 Pushups
  3. 1 Minute Of Planks
  4. 30 Squats

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