In a story-line fit for a movie, the galvanizing tale of the NW Guilford Vikings’ Lacrosse Team came to its just conclusion Saturday with its first NC State Championship!

Just 7 shorts months have passed since the tragic death of Chase Bunting, a member of the Viking’s Lacrosse Team.  During that time, each member of the team certainly has had to deal with, and cope with, emotions and feelings that they would have no idea how to handle.  Granted, as we all grow older, death of loved ones and friends are inevitable.  As adults, we come to accept the certainty of death.  As children, this type of tragic event can be too much to handle.

While for most people (adults and children), sports is a way to challenge and hone our athletic and competitive skills.  However, as someone who has experienced the tragic death of a teammate in high school, I can tell you that the most important benefit of sport is the team itself!  I do not want to downplay the love and support that each family member had in helping the boys from the NW Vikings Lacrosse Team cope with Chase’s passing, but the true recovery came from the love and support that came straight from each and every team member.

When the Vikings took the field for the first time after Chase’s death, they were playing for something bigger than themselves…they were taking the field for Chase.  They were taking the field for the community of NW Guilford County.  More importantly, they were taking the field for each other!

Regardless of how they played.  Regardless of how many games they won.  Regardless of how many games they lost.  The Vikings were already Champions.

On a rainy Saturday in the middle of May, the Vikings from NW Guilford walked on to a muddy lacrosse field in Cary, NC.  Winning or losing really didn’t matter.  The Vikings from NW Guilford were already Champions…it just so happened that when the clock hit “0”, they walked off the field the title of NC State Lacrosse Champions.