What is business auto insurance?

For any kind of business, there are certain kinds of risks involved. If your business involves using any kinds of vehicles: trucks, vans, and cars, then you certainly want to be sure that you are properly covered.

Business auto insurance is also known as commercial auto insurance. For businesses that use certain vehicles to operate, a commercial auto insurance policy will cover all vehicles that are used in the business.

Most business owners may opt to use a personal auto insurance. However, there are certain disadvantages of doing that. A personal auto insurance policy will not cover any damages to the car, should they happen when the vehicle is being used for business. What’s more, a personal auto insurance will not cover your employees.

What does a business auto insurance cover?

Most small business owners will have an auto insurance that is almost similar to a personal auto insurance. However, a business auto insurance will also cover rented vehicles used for business. In addition, with a commercial auto insurance, you can cover an employee’s vehicle that is used for the business. Although the policy is named an ‘auto’ insurance, it will often cover vehicles of all types.

A business auto insurance policy will help protect your company vehicles from a couple of damages. However, most insurance companies usually have four major types of coverage:

  • Auto-liability- With this coverage, your business auto insurance will help you pay for any bodily harm or property damage you cause should you have an accident. Should you have legal expenses due to an accident, auto liability will meet the said expenses.
  • Medical coverage– In the event that you or any of your employees has an accident while using a business-owned vehicle, this coverage will help settle the medical bills.
  • Collision coverage- With this coverage, you are able to pay for any damages to your car should it hit or get hit by another object.
  • Physical damage coverage- Physical damage coverage is usually comprehensive and will pay for any damage to your car caused by something other than accidents. It covers damage to your vehicle from theft, vandalism, flood, and fire among others.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage- With this coverage, you get to pay for physical damages should an uninsured motorist hit your vehicle. At times, underinsured motorist coverage is included if the driver-at-fault does not have insurance.

Having a business auto insurance policy is quite important. As long as there are certain vehicles you use for your business, it is better to be sure you are covered should anything happen. If you would like to know more about business auto insurance, contact us today to get your business vehicles covered.

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