ERIE adds TechAdvantage to its Equipment Breakdown coverage; also includes groundbreaking coverage for invisible damage to microtechnology

ERIE, Pa., June 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — More and more small and mid-sized businesses are using cloud computing, with the percentage expected to more than double from 37 percent today to 80 percent within the next six years.* Cloud computing helps companies save money by enabling them to store their electronic assets in data centers or warehouses and essentially “rent” access to them, paying only for the IT assets they use. But with those rewards come new risks, including service interruption and data loss. But Erie Insurance business customers can rest easier thanks to new cloud computing coverage that’s been added to its Equipment Breakdown coverage.

The cloud computing coverage is part of TechAdvantage, now automatically included on ERIE’s business insurance policies**. TechAdvantage also is the first coverage to pay for failure of microelectronics when physical damage cannot be detected. The coverage can pay for equipment losses when tiny electronic circuitry, such as that found on the circuit boards and computer chips embedded in many of today’s products, stops working for no apparent reason.

Risks of cloud computing

“The two biggest risks of cloud computing are service interruption and data loss,” said Christine Lucas, vice president and commercial multi-peril product manager, Erie Insurance. “After all, the cloud isn’t literally in the sky. It’s in physical buildings that can suffer power outages and equipment breakdowns.”

In fact, a survey by Hartford Steam Boiler and the Ponemon Institute found nearly half of business cloud users (48 percent) have experienced a service interruption, and 56 percent said at least one of those interruptions prevented their company from functioning.

Some of the biggest cloud service providers are household names like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google, but there are thousands of other smaller cloud data centers and providers and many lack adequate protections against outages.  In addition, data centers can be prime targets for hackers.

The new coverage protects ERIE customers from such risks by providing:

*Source: Survey conducted by Hartford Steam Boiler and the Ponemon Institute.

**Coverage and associated services provided under an arrangement with The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company. Coverage included as part of Ultrapack Plus and Flex policies. Erie Insurance Exchange, Erie Insurance Co., Erie Insurance Property & Casualty Co., Flagship City Insurance Co. and Erie Family Life Insurance Co. (Erie, PA) or Erie Insurance Co. of New York (Rochester, NY).  Go to for company licensure and product details.

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