Fall Home Maintenance Tips

The changing of the season is a good time to remind yourself to take a look at certain things around the house.  With Fall now underway, here are a few tips to make sure your home stays in tip top shape as we transition from summer to winter.

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Protect the AC unit.  Cover your air conditioning unit with a tarp to prevent rust from forming.  Vacuum out the internals.  If you have window units, you can remove them and shut the windows.

Fix the driveway.  Look for cracks and fill them with driveway filler before ice gets in them and makes them bigger.  You can also seal your asphalt driveway to make it last longer.

Reverse your fans.  Surprisingly few people know that most ceiling fans have directional settings.  Most people do know the old saying that “heat rises” though, and an upward draft from your fan will move that warm air around.

Clear the gutters.  Fall gets its name from the falling leaves (Right?  I’ve always assumed that’s the case anyway.), so it stands to reason that leaves and other tree debris will be making its way onto your roof and into your gutters.  Don’t forget to flush out the downspouts and check the joints and brackets.  Maybe even consider getting a leaf shield.

Rake the leaves.  Yes, more are going to fall, but you don’t want to suffocate your grass.

Check for peeling paint.  Look around the outside of yours house and see if you can find any peeling paint or any other particular wear on the the exterior.  Peeling paint is a sign of deteriorating paint film, which means it’s not protecting your siding the way it should.

Check the roof.  When shingles are blown away, wind, rain and snow can damage your roof.  A little preventative maintenance now can save you from having to deal with major repairs down the road.  While you’re at it, get in the attic and make sure your insulation is looking good.

Caulk the windows.  This will make sure you’re keeping moisture out and your heat in, which can save you money on your electric bill and keep you from having to pay for mold remediation.

Put away the yard decor.  Clean off your yard furniture before covering it up or putting it away.  Go ahead and take down your hammock and make sure you empty all the dirt from any empty flowerpots.  That dirt contains moisture and can crack the pots during a freeze.  Once it gets colder it’s usually a good time to go ahead and trim the plants.

Put away the yard tools.  Clean off your yard tools and equipment and stow them away in your shed.  Make sure to drain gas from lawnmowers and any other gas-powered equipment you have.  Most of North Carolina isn’t known for extreme wintry weather, but you might want to make sure you’ve got snow shovels and other snow equipment just in case.

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