If I Have The Coronavirus, Can I Get Life Insurance?

If I have the coronavirus, can I get life insurance? Chances are during the COVID-19 Pandemic, you have thought about this very question! We want to make sure our family & loved ones stay healthy, but what would happen to my family is I contract COVID-19 and die?  Would my family be ok? While this […]

Taking Care Of Your Family: A Guide On Whole Life Insurance And If You Need It

Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, or Universal Life Insurance…they have their differences & their similarities.  Today we will focus on Whole Life Insurance policies. Out of the entire American population, only 59 percent of people own a form of life insurance. Having life insurance can give most people peace of mind knowing their families will be […]

Life Insurance & New Parents

Life Insurance is that “ounce of prevention” that can make the difference between little Johnny or Julie having the future you dream he/she could have, and a life filled without a parent and/or hope. While having some life insurance is better than having no life insurance, please do not make the mistake of just buying a life insurance policy. The key to building that foundation of hope for your child is having the correct life insurance policy.

Stay At Home Moms – How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

ALLCHOICE Insurance Blog Life Insurance Stay At Home Moms – How Much

While the “Stay At Home Mom” may be less prevalent than she was twenty years ago, there are still a large number moms who “work at home”. The problem that must be dealt with is…how much is the “Stay At Home Mom” worth in terms of dollars and cents? The second (and often hardest to overcome) problem comes in convincing both the husband and wife that the “Stay At Home Mom” NEEDS life insurance. Let’s tackle each problem individually.


In my last Post, I discussed the financial difficulties that some insurers were having.  In that discussion, we looked at a few ways that Insurance Carriers could raise capital.  In my synopsis, the easiest way for Insurance Carriers to raise money was through Rate Increases.  Well, I was partly right!  This morning The Treasury Department […]