If I have the coronavirus, can I get life insurance? Chances are during the COVID-19 Pandemic, you have thought about this very question!

We want to make sure our family & loved ones stay healthy, but what would happen to my family is I contract COVID-19 and die?  Would my family be ok?

While this season of our lives brings much uncertainty, life insurance offers some peace.

In this article, we will take a look at some common questions surrounding the impact COVID-19 has on life insurance.

Can I Get Life Insurance With The Coronavirus?

This is the easiest question to answer! NO!

You Can’t Get Life Insurance If You Currently Have The Coronavirus!

Jack Wingate

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you are not currently eligible to purchase Life Insurance!

I Had A Positive Test, Now It’s Negative…

While everyone carrier, and individual situation is different…you will likely have to wait 6-12 months (approximately) from the time you are no longer positive for the virus in order to apply for life insurance.

This waiting period is put in place because there is uncertainty surrounding the long term impact the Virus has on us.  For now, the carriers want to be sure that you are not at an increased risk of death due to the virus…even after you have tested negative!

Given that this is all “new” to the Life Insurance Carriers, there has been no guidance given on how this will affect your rating in the future. 

I Have COVID-19 Symptoms, Can I Get A Life Policy?

This is where things become hard to explain!

Currently there are a list of possible COVID-19 Symptoms.  This list seemingly increases weekly (if not daily).

The Life Insurance Industry is not in the business of dealing with “gray areas”!

In order to make things a little more “black & white”, most Life Carriers have put out guidance that if you have symptoms (you haven’t tested positive) of Coronavirus you will need to wait before you can get a Life Policy.

While guidance may vary from carrier to carrier, generally you will need to be symptom free for 3-6 months before you can get life insurance!

Does My Life Insurance Cover Death From The Coronavirus?

As the “unknown” surrounding the Pandemic mounts, people are questioning many aspects of their lives and insurance programs!

People are concerned about whether or not their current life insurance would cover death as a result of Coronavirus!

Life Insurance DOES cover death from COVID-19!

There are really only two circumstances where a true life insurance policy would be cover a death (assuming the policy is paid and in force at the time of death)

In North Carolina, Life Insurance Policies contain a 2 Year Period Of Contestability.  During this 2 year period, the life insurance carrier can deny a death claim if a few things are proven.

Suicide and Materially Misrepresentation On A Life Insurance Application are two such items.

Are Insurance Carriers Still Offering Life Insurance?

Life Insurance Carriers are still offering coverage during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The process may look different in certain circumstances, but you can still apply for coverage!

Some carriers are finding new and creative ways to offer Life Policies during this time by changing their standard procedures.

One Carrier, Erie Insurance, has waived their normal Medical Exam requirement for applications.

As many people were uncomfortable inviting a stranger into their home (or workplace) during these uncertain times, the decision was made to waive the need for the Medical Exam for most life insurance cases!

Erie Family Life Insurance- Optional Paramed Waiver Program

Most people view Insurance Carriers as large corporations out to “get” people!

It is refreshing to see so many carriers, and the Insurance Industry as a whole, stepping up in different ways to help during this time of crisis.

North Carolina Life Insurance Specialist

If you, or anyone you know, has questions regarding Life Insurance and the Coronavirus, feel free to reach out to ALLCHOICE InsuranceTeam!  We are a local, independent Insurance Agency that specializes in protecting your family with Life Insurance.

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