MacIntosh-Winning-PictureThe best part of the insurance business is the personal relationship with our clients (we call them family members).  As with any other family member’s accomplishments, we take pride when our clients have great accomplishments.  Many of these such accomplishments never make the news…getting married, having a child, starting a business, etc.  However, this morning around 5:45AM when I stepped on the elliptical machine at the gym…I was greeted by the rolling scroll of last night’s election results.

Long-time friend, long-time ALLCHOICE customer, & former boss (the man who brought me to Winston Salem), Jeff MacIntosh was successful in his first foray into politics.  Jeff easily won his election for Winston Salem City Council (Northwest Ward) over Lida Hayes Calvert (see Winston Salem Journal Article “MacIntosh Wins Easily In Northwest Ward“.  While I try to refrain from “political speak” in this forum, I can tell you that there is not a better man than Jeff MacIntosh (his better half Susan is even better)!

Another ALLCHOICE customer, Nancy Hoffman, was also victorious in her reelection bid for Greensboro’s District 4.  Hoffman, a key player in downtown Greensboro’s revitalization, easily defeated her opponent, former Mayor Bill Knight.