How To Get Auto Insurance

Ho To Get Auto Insurance To get auto insurance, start by understanding your needs and state requirements, then compare quotes from multiple insurers, considering factors like coverage options, premiums, discounts, and the insurer’s customer service reputation. Choose the policy that offers the best value for your specific circumstances. Seeking guidance on how to get auto […]

Do I Need Auto Insurance?

Do I Need Auto Insurance? Yes, you need auto insurance not just because it’s legally mandated in most states but also as a crucial measure of financial protection against potential losses and liabilities arising from vehicle use and ownership. Auto insurance is more than just a legal requirement—it’s a critical financial safeguard. For anyone wondering, […]

How Much Is Auto Insurance?

How Much Is Auto Insurance? The cost of auto insurance in North Carolina depends on a variety of factors. The average cost for “Full Coverage” auto insurance is $1,446 Per Year ($121 Per Month).  The average cost for liability-only (state minimum) coverage has a significantly lower premium of $432 Per Year ($36 Per Month).  However, […]

What Is Auto Insurance?

What Is Auto Insurance? Auto insurance is a contractual agreement between you and an insurance company, where you pay premiums and, in return, receive financial protection against losses from vehicle-related incidents. This coverage is crucial not only for complying with legal requirements but also for mitigating the financial impact of unexpected events like accidents or […]

What Is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Return To: Auto Insurance – The Ultimate Guide Full coverage auto insurance is the financial protection you need to pay for your car. When you get into accidents that injure other drivers or damage people’s properties, you need financial assistance to cover the expenses. This type of auto insurance combines individual liability policies with comprehensive […]

How Much Will Insurance Pay For My Car?

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘how much will insurance pay for my car’?  This question comes up most often when determining if you should carry “full coverage” as well as after you have been in an accident! In this article we will shed light on this important question by looking at the following: How Does […]

What Should You Do AFTER A Car Accident?

“What should you do AFTER a car accident” is a question that people ask on a daily basis! Unfortunately, many people seek (or are offered) the advice of people that just don’t understand the insurance and claims perspective when offering up such advice! In this article we are going to answer this question once and […]

Teen Driver Insurance – What Every Parent Needs To Know

Teen Driver Insurance can make even the bravest of parents cringe in fear! Are you ready for this? Your teenager is about to start driving! That young child who once relied on you for everything is ready for another big step toward independence. But are you ready? Probably not. But ALLCHOICE Insurance is here to […]

Erie Insurance COVID-19 Rate Reduction FAQ

The Erie Insurance COVID-19 Rate Reduction & Dividend Relief Effort is meant to provide Auto Insurance Customers with Long-Term Rate Decreases and IMMEDIATE Monetary Relief. This article will answer questions you have about Erie Insurance’s COVID-19 Plan. Frequently Asked Questions: Erie Insurance COVID-19 Relief Erie Insurance Agent Near Me ALLCHOICE Insurance is proud to be […]

Are you getting a refund on your auto insurance due to COVID-19?

Are you getting a refund on your auto insurance due to COVID-19? A number of Insurance Carriers have announced programs where they are going to give a refund of some form back to customers due to COVID-19.People are driving less, and thus insurance losses are down…so the carriers have said that they are going to […]