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Eddie Johnson

Who is Eddie Johnson?

Eddie Johnson's Personal History

Born: March 21, 1960
Hometown: Oak Ridge NC (Raised in: Linden, MI)
Spouse: Oiy

Walter & Carleen Johnson

Siblings: Cindy Green (sister)
High School: Linden High School

Baker Jr. College of Business-Flint, MI

Northwood University- Midland, MI

Eddie Johnson's Professional Experience

Retired with over 35 years of seniority as an Allstate Agent & Agency Owner.

What Do You Need to Know About Eddie Johnson? (In Their Own Words)

Relocated from MI.  Had 2 friends in college who lived in NC. They wanted me to visit them & we went to Bald Head Island & the mountains.  Loved the state and decided to relocate, knowing only those 2 people in NC. Started my career in the greatest industry (insurance) in possibly the most difficult manner, literally not knowing anything about Greensboro, no contacts to draw upon and knew absolutely nothing about insurance!

My first day here was like heaven as it snowed and I could sweep it off the porch with a broom, instead of a shovel!  Loves boating, fishing and being in the woods.  Nature teaches us many things if we pay attention and listen.  Education has many forms and when you stop learning, you start dying.

Has visited 41 states in the US and travelled in Canada and the Caribbean.  Drank beer with Judge Wapner of the TV show “Peoples Court” in Barbados and almost missed the cruise ship because taxi drivers were arguing over who was taking us back to the ship for departure. We were 21 years of age!

How Eddie Johnson Wants To Be Remembered

By All: Dependable, fair, and honest.  Helps others quietly without others knowing and expecting nothing in return.  Loves the outdoors and the resources it shares with us.  Takes as much time as needed in helping clients understand their policies to make sure they are protected in the best possible way, even if means delivering unpleasant news.  Honesty keeps one out of trouble.

By Wife: Was respected, a good man and was there for her in times of crisis.  “A Keeper!”

By Parents: He made us proud.  There are no road maps in raising a child, but our guidance and encouragement steered him in the right path.  He knew right from wrong.  He served others.  He made us smile and we loved his short “one-liners!”

By Friends: He loved life, especially sharing it with others whether on the water or in remote areas of the wilderness.  He didn’t take any s…. and if he was your friend, he would do anything for you and your family.  In our late teens and early twenties, we rocked, worked hard and played even harder!  He did whatever needed to be done!  He took photographs, captured our fun times, and shared them with us, that would have otherwise been forgotten had we not had those photos!