Our Team

Jack Wingate

Founder & CEO

Who is Jack Wingate?

Jack Wingate's Personal History

Born: January 31, 1975
Hometown: Durham, NC
Spouse: Melinda Wingate

Bobby Wingate (Father) | Jackie Wingate (Mother)

Siblings: Bobby Wingate (Brother) | Debbie Sykes (Sister)
High School: Northern Durham High School (Class of 1993)

Double Major Risk Management & Insurance / Finance – Appalachian State University (1997)

Jack Wingate's Professional Experience

ALLCHOICE Insurance: Founder & CEO (2004 – Present)

NC Farm Bureau:  Insurance Agent (2002 – 2004)

Voice Data Solutions:  Sales Executive (2001 – 2002)

Salem Computer Group:  Account Executive (1998 – 2001)

What Do You Need to Know About Jack Wingate? (In Their Own Words)

“Faith, Family, Friends…and a whole lot of HARD WORK!”

That is all you need to know about me!

I grew up the son of the hardest working man that I have ever known.  I played every sport (and did pretty well) but wasn’t gifted with a great deal of talent.  The success I achieved on and off the field in my youth could be attributed to being willing to out work everyone.

After college (where I had a great time), I moved to Winston Salem, NC to work for a local small business in the Computer Hardware Industry.  That first “real job” taught me that I could be successful as a sales person…but more importantly it taught me that I didn’t want to work for anyone!

Through a little misfortune and a whole lot of luck, I fell into the insurance industry and became an Insurance Agent at NC Farm Bureau in Greensboro, NC.

While technically I was “self employed”, I still had manager(s) that held my fate in their hands!  More importantly, I saw first hand how working for a “Captive Insurance Carrier” would not allow me to provide my clients with the best OPTIONS for their individual situations!

And so….ALLCHOICE Insurance was conceived!

I’m proud to say that through the years I have held to the belief that if I would always “do the right thing” and be willing to work harder than anyone…ALLCHOICE Insurance would not only be successful, but also make a difference in the world.

How Jack Wingate Wants To Be Remembered

By All:  Jack was follower of Jesus Christ!

By my wife:  A man who loved, protected, and provided for her

By my children: A Dad that showed them what love looked like, how to laugh, and set an example of hard work

By my Parents: A son that learned what they taught about what real families should be like

By my friends: A Good Dude that would do anything for them