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Deserae Harley

Who is Deserae Harley?

Deserae Harley's Personal History

Born: May 6, 1982
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Spouse: Jesus. We call him by his nickname Kiko Jones.

Gabriel is 26 yr old w/ 2yr old daughter named, Ms. Isabella aka Princess Izzy Katelyn 25yr old (She acts like she oldest) Taiana 16yr old (Should be the 2nd oldest)


Annie & Charles

Siblings: I have an older brother named Shan who my parents say has thought he was Evel Knievel since he started walking.
High School: Cardinal Dougherty Catholic

Community College of Philadelphia, Everest University(FL)

Deserae Harley's Professional Experience

I worked in Philadelphia Police Dept for close to 10yrs. I spent the last 10yrs in Florida where I worked in Medical Field.

What Do You Need to Know About Deserae Harley? (In Their Own Words)

I am an animal lover. I love everything but snakes.

How Deserae Harley Wants To Be Remembered

By All: I am always willing to help. I always want to learn more.

By Husband: I am his Partner in Crime, his Biggest Cheerleader. I keep him grounded when he gets too much. lol

By Children: Although I let them figure certain things out themselves they know they can count on me.

By Parents: Dependable, Trustworthy, call me anytime I am there to be a listening ear. I was definitely the easygoing child. I am the one everyone calls on if they need to vent.

By Friends: As a person who showed up for them, no questions, no conditions.