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Heromi Del Rosario

Customer Happiness Coordinator

Who is Heromi Del Rosario?

Heromi Del Rosario's Personal History

Born: November 13, 2003
Hometown: San Pedro, Laguna

Lourdes Del Rosario and Manuelito Del Rosario

Siblings: Laurice Anne Del Rosario | Ray Ferdinand Del Rosario | Katrina Del Rosario
High School: Sampaguita Village National High School

Heromi Del Rosario's Professional Experience

International Travel Agent at EGENCIA

Finance Specialist Representative at NETSPEND

What Do You Need to Know About Heromi Del Rosario? (In Their Own Words)

Personality, I am Gina Linetti from Brooklyn 99.

Physically, I am Kendal Jenner if she hasn’t slept since her 17th birthday.

Mentally, I am a hamster. or a celery.

I love reading. I love watching film and TV series. I love stories that showcase the human condition. Our Love, hate, passion, desire, spirit and dreams. And how we are all collectively the universe experiencing itself.

P.S. I love whales!

How Heromi Del Rosario Wants To Be Remembered

To those who loved me: The mischievous goblin girlfriend with dark humour and out of the blue fun facts about the most random stuff.

To my enemies: Their worst nightmare.