Baby Boomers – Your Retirement Help Is Here

The Baby Boomer Generation should be entering the best years of their lives. Indeed, the Baby Boomers should be preparing to enter the “Golden Age” of Retirement. Years of sacrifice have been spent working, building, saving, and preparing for this so called Golden Age. In what seems like a blink of the eye, all of the preparation Baby Boomers have done over their lives has been lost.

Stay At Home Moms – How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

While the “Stay At Home Mom” may be less prevalent than she was twenty years ago, there are still a large number moms who “work at home”. The problem that must be dealt with is…how much is the “Stay At Home Mom” worth in terms of dollars and cents? The second (and often hardest to overcome) problem comes in convincing both the husband and wife that the “Stay At Home Mom” NEEDS life insurance. Let’s tackle each problem individually.


If you look at the many empirical economic studies of the Great Depression, one reoccurring finding is that tax increases during the Depression reversed/dampened any positive effects of Keynesian Deficit Government Spending. Its clear in the Theory of Keynesian Deficit Government Spending, that the spending is intended to be temporary until the Private Sector rebounds. The Private Sector needs Private Capital Formation to rebound.


In my last Post, I discussed the financial difficulties that some insurers were having.  In that discussion, we looked at a few ways that Insurance Carriers could raise capital.  In my synopsis, the easiest way for Insurance Carriers to raise money was through Rate Increases.  …